Source of longevity Shikuwasa

Green jewel

Green jewel

Beauty and health precious treasure which I inherited from our ancestors is "Shikuwasa"
And it is "green jewel" that Ogimi is proud of as a source of longevity.

What is Shikuwasa?

Fruit to represent the Ogimi, and native to Okinawa in the center of citrus Rutaceae, Shikuwasa has been said to be one of the original species of mandarin orange there are only two in Japan.
Boasts more than 60% in the prefecture Shikuwasa production volume, Ogimi village is known as a production center of Okinawa Shikuwasa one.

What is Shikuwasa?
What is Shikuwasa?

Nutritional value

The fruit of Shikuwasa, vitamins, citric acid, natural nobiletin is abundant, many nutrients found in the skin part in particular.
Also introduced to the media as a healthy fruit which contains citric acid and which is effective in relieving fatigue, vitamin C, vitamin B1, carotene, as well as various minerals, Shikuwasa became famous nationwide fame.
The ingredient called "nobiletin" tumor suppressor effect is expected in particular, associated with longevity is attracting attention.
A component that is included in many of the citrus plant, nobiletin is a type of flavonoid.
It is included as well, such as grapefruit and mandarin orange, but is the Shikuwasa's been content is large and by far.

Content of fruit nobiletin (100g in)
Grapefruit 1mg
Wenzhou mandarin orange 24mg
Cabos 89mg
Ponkan 127mg
Shikuwasa 267mg

Nutritional value

Shikuwasa recipes

How squeezed fruit juice ~How to squeeze the Shikuwasa without getting the seeds with a toothpick!~

  • How squeezed fruit juice1
    Refers to a short distance away from the buttocks of the fruit toothpick.
  • How squeezed fruit juice2
    I will stir in the fruit and muzzles the buttocks with a toothpick.
  • How squeezed fruit juice3
    Issue the juice by pressing the belly per fruit.
  • How squeezed fruit juice4
    C'mon meat dishes such as grilled fish, over the salad.

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