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Health longevity

Incredibly active community life
The warm climate of Okinawa makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities year round.
What we especially want to emphasize here is the incredibly strong sense among the senior citizens of this village of the need to stay active for as long as they live. Even after growing old, they keep moving as much as their bodies allow, exercising and doing various kinds of work, whether out in the fields or spinning thread for the village’s traditional Bashofu cloth industry, and also taking part in community-related activities such as village events and volunteer work.

Health longevity

Eating habit

What are the characteristics of the Ogimi diet?

In Ogimi, compared to the average Japanese diet:
(1) People eat more meats, (2) the intake of green and yellow vegetables is three times higher, (3) the intake of legumes, particularly soybeans, is 1.5 times higher, and (4) the fruit intake is also higher.
Another point worthy of mention is salt intake. Okinawa is the only prefecture that has made it below the goal of 10 grams per person per day set by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and that figure is 9 grams for Ogimi.

Village of longevity declaration

Monument to the “Longest-lived village in Japan”

“Greatest longevity in Japan” declaration
At 80 years old, I am still a child. When I come to see you at 90, send me away to wait till 100
Let us keep going strong as we get older, and not depend too much on our children in old age.
Come to our village in your old age, and we will provide the blessings of nature and teach you the secrets of longevity.
We the senior citizens of Ogimi proudly declare this the longest-lived village in Japan.

April 23rd, 1993 Ogimi Federation of Senior Citizen Clubs

Village of longevity declaration
Village of longevity declaration
Monument to the “Longest-lived village in Japan”

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