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What is "Igimi" Homestay experience?

In dialect, is called the "Igimi" things Ogimi. So, Homestay experience in Ogimi has called "Igimi Homestay".
The "Igimi Homestay", We believe, of course, group travel, such as a school trip and we want you to use for those who are solo travelers.

In Ogimi village, we have the economic development projects in the area in four keywords "village of longevity", "village of Bashofu" "village of Shikuwasa" and "village of Bunagaya".
And experience the "longevity village" in the homestay experience, you can experience "village of Bashofu" "village of Shikuwasa" and "village of Bunagaya" in the program experience.

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What is
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Homestay experience videos

Asked to participate in Igimi homestay experience to students like Touhougakuen of vocational school, they were in the video how the actual experience.
You can see in the videos.

Experience video①

It is too fun, shooting was going to be neglected. Rather than "go to Okinawa" in the next, I want to go to play it and say "go to Ogimi".
People of Ogimi village gentle, I now love the things Ogimi scenery is clean. It is the feeling that the parents' house of the second. I want to go again.
Everything was the first experience. It is unprecedented. I was able to meet a lot of new things. It was good to meet with people in the village Ogimi. I will come back really.
Experience video①

Experience video②

Although not full of things as urban. But, It is a place very kind people.
With that said this is the first time Guest houses, there was a little anxiety. But, people receiving destination, me is warmly welcome everyone, was good very comfortable. People of the village and I wonder have accepted Homestay to go, I felt heartily. I was able to was a short period of time but I feel firmly spirit of Yuimaru. It was also possible that I can not quite experience in the city. It was a great satisfaction to enjoy nature as well.
I became very fond Ogimi village. I want to experience by all means to people I've never done so already. You would like to go to visit also my own.
It Sometimes it is bad weather, I felt I arrived to Ogimi village "cold!". That I felt I met the people of the village Ogimi a "warm!".
Experience video②

Igimi Homestay experience your application

The Application for Igimi homestay experience, can be done in the "Tourism Association website, NPO Ogimi whole".
Details of experience programs are also available. Please have a look.

Sign up for Igimi Homestay
Tourism Association website, NPO Ogimi whole

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